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Casing pipes

They are designed for use as a frame element when drilling oil and gas wells, for finding water, minerals, etc. The main requirement is the highest degree of reliability and compliance with specified requirements.

Most often used in the mining industry, as it is made of high strength alloy steel, this is resistant to the action of corrosive factors. And able to withstand significant mechanical loads, as a consequence, serve as a reinforcing element during drilling.

When the upper layers of rock were drilled, lowered into the borehole of the casing string, and between them and the wall of the well it is poured concrete to secure. Then, in this column another column is lowered, products a smaller diameter for further operations or directly use.

Raw material for manufacturing these products is carbon and alloy steels. A cylindrical steel billet is heated to a high temperature and subjected to a puncture. Thus, a pipe with the desired characteristics is finished.

The production is carried out by automated rolling mills. Computerized quality control system allows us to reduce the possibility of rejection and to ensure the mathematical accuracy of production. At each stage the item is carefully tested.

Manufacturing is conducted in line with accepted national and international quality standards.