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Pipes NKT (pump-compressor pipes)

This is subtype of seamless pipes intended for use in pump and compressor units. Used in the petroleum industry, and also by liquid extraction of sulphur. They are applied directly for lowering into the well. So is the vertical movement of the produced fluid.

Products are reliable and durable, to endure any kind of external influence, including high static loads perpendicular to the pipe axis and sharp blows. Also they are distinguished by their resistance to deformation. This is important if it is impossible to follow a strict vertical orientation of the pipe in the well.

Usually spike with other elements of the pump-compressor unit takes place by means of a threaded coupling. It provides design flexibility, integrity, simplicity of repair.

An important feature of the NKT is that there are no welds, because they can lead to depressurization of the mining complex. Therefore they are manufactured using a solid hire from a single cylindrical billet or continuous extrusion. The choice of method is determined by the diameter of the pipe. It can range from 60 to 114 mm. In this case all actions are carried out by modern equipment with computerized quality control system. This allows you to virtually eliminate the possibility of rejection.

The entire production process and finished products completely meet the state quality standards (GOST 633-80) and international standards ISO 9001-2000 and API Q1.

The greatest demand is for following pipes:

  • with protection from the cold;

  • high integrity;

  • a polymeric seal assembly;

  • resistance to high temperatures;

  • anti-corrosion properties.

Our company sells NKT pipes (pump-compressor pipes) of any diameter and length from the leading manufacturers.