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Profile steel pipes

Profile pipe is different from the normal cross-sectional shape. If the standard design cross section forms a circle, the profile of the most frequent cross-section is square or rectangular. Otherwise it is similar to a conventional round tube: it has a constant size cross-section throughout the length of the product, same thickness and smooth surface.

There are two main types of profile pipes:

  • with a round external profile and internal profile;

  • with relevant external and internal cross-section.

Rectangular profile steel pipes which form inner and outer sections are similar (2nd type) are most often used in practice. The most widely used ones:

  • square profile pipe 50×50 mm.

  • rectangular profile pipe 40×80 mm and 40х100 mm.

The main characteristic is the cross-sectional diameter. This replaces the traditional diameter, which are the universal characteristics of tubes with a circular cross section. Buying profile pipe can be as dimensional and random lengths depending on the customer’s wishes.