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Reinforcing bar

ARMATURE is round steel with smooth or periodic profile, designed for conventional reinforcement and prestressed concrete structures.

Armature is classified on several grounds: by appointment, orientation, design, application, type of material from which armature is made.

Depending on appointment:

  • Working armature;

  • Constructive;

  • Distribution;

  •  Mounting;

  • Anchor.


Depending on manufacturing technology:

  • Hot rolled;

  • Cold rolled.


Depending on orientation:

  • Transverse;

  • Longitudinal.


Under the terms of the application:

  • Straining — if it has been subjected to pre-tension;

  • Non-stressed.


Principal reinforcement products:

  • Flat reinforcement cages (mesh);

  • Spatial (volume) of the reinforcement frames.


Reinforcing steel is made:

  • In rolls (coils)

  • The rods (rods)


Reinforcing steel is subdivided into classes according to:

  • Mechanical properties — strength class;
  • Operating characteristics —
    • weld (S),

    • thermally hardened (T),

    • corrosion (K),

    • armature for toughened drawing (V).


There are following classes of armature in our warehouses:
A I GOST 5781-82
A 240 TU ( Technical Specification) No 14-1-5473-03
A 400S / A 500S / V 500 S

DSTU ( Ukrainian national standardization system) 3760-98 
SТО АSChМ  (Reinforcement bar steel die-rolled section products. Specifications) 7-93

ТU ( Technical Specification) No 14-1-5254-2006  
GOST R 52544-2006

А500SP ТU ( Technical Specification) No 14-1-5526-2006
A III, st.35GS, 25G2S GOST 5781-82
At-800 GOST 10884-94


WIRE ROD is a metal rod that is a blank for the subsequent production of wire and concrete reinforcement. Wire rod is made from carbon steel of ordinary quality grades ST0, ST1, ST2, ST3 of all degrees of deoxidation according to GOST 380. Wire rod diameters, tolerances for diameter, cross sectional area and the weight of one meter must meet TU 14-15-212-89.

Our warehouses are represented wire rods with diameter of 6.5 and 8mm according to GOST 30136-94 and TU 14-1-5282-94.

A wide assortment of rebar (reinforcing bar) and wire rod is always in stock in the warehouses of our company.