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About Us

STAL SERVIS LLC,  is an established regional leader in metal supply and trading. Our strength and experience diverse across products and industries. Founded in 2007, for over 11 years we serve a wide range of markets with continuous devotion to meet the needs of our customers.

We take the responsibility for the following:

— Providing metal products of superior quality produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers

-Bringing unique customized solutions for our clients based on their requirements

— Offering convenient packaging and labeling to allow ease of shipment and inventory accounting

— Ensuring exact product sizes as required to minimize wastes

— Arranging  safe and fast shipment and delivery to your warehouse


Company’s manufacturing base includes several factories equipped with the full range of modern machinery for metal-works.

Our facilities allow us to produce metal structures of any complexity, from fixings to complex ones such as trusses, girders, beams and columns. Metal works also include mechanical and chemical processing of metal, painting and galvanizing by the method of electric arc metallization.

We strive to offer “turn-key» solutions to our customers. Our Design Office specialists will help to calculate the metal volumes and prepare all the required documentation  for your project.  We also offer installation service for metal structures, upon customer’s request.

Stal Servis carefully monitors the quality of its products. A full-fledged Quality Control Department, equipped with modern technical means of control, monitors every single product, eliminating the possibility of defects.